Icad2D+ Pattern Making Software

What can you achive ICAD2D+?

From the getting of the shell, using (scanner, tablet or imported from ICad3d + software), this software allows to make pieces, scale and export the pieces to any cutting machine on the market. In addition, it allows the control of the consumption of materials and make datasheets in detail.

  • Get pieces from the virtual shell of the model.
  • Increadably versatility in the creation and editing of the pieces, quickly adding pieces, margins, notches, borders, markers, etc.
  • Devolop significantly in accuracy and precision, making process very easy , streamlining the production process, and reducing time and costs.
  • Possible to grade the program in different size. Even you can customize your grading system very easly.
  • Edit size and shape of the PATTERNS being able to perform any construction.
  • Grade fastly and easily by getting series of automatic pieces.
  • You can send files that you produce for automatic cutting machine such as Atom, Comelz etc.
  • You can make many file to create it
  • Suitable for Windows
  • It’s possible work in different language2d pattern 1