Icad 3DP Heel and Sole Design Software

Icad3DP is a software for 3D soles design with multiple tools to create in an intuitive and simple way the diferent elements of a sole. From a digitized last and by reverse engineering we can degign completely a complex sole for additive manufacture. It also includes tolls for the design of heels, wedges, top pieces, moulds for top pieces, as well as the creation of machining toolpaths. Possibility of communication and exchange of data with the software Icad3D +. Textured 3D 11

  • Using flattening tools it is possible to convert surfaces, polysurfaces and 3D meshes into 2D elements on which it can be easily designed.
  • 3 Creation of any type of texture, from images, 3D objects, etc. on the flattened 2D to later apply it to the original surface.
  • Textures can be generated from the creation of own procedural images, import of bitmaps, curves or surfaces.

21Parametric design

  • It is easy the design of 3D floors with the creation of parametric curves.
  • Using parametric tools it is possible to define surfaces easily and intuitively for the creation of the body and the footprint.

Other tools such as pattern filling, object distribution, automatic bottom curve acquisition, etc. They help us in the process of creating the floor. 31 Deformers and grading Deformations can be applied to any type of sole using curves, origin and destination surfaces, as well as deformation cages that adjust to the sole with the desired resolution by the user.

  • Define or choose your own grading for length, width and height.
  • Definition of constant zones, grading bi-zone and dependencies between objects.
  • It is also possible to define specific grades based on heel curves.

41Heels, top pieces, wedges, platforms and machining tool

  • Specific tools for the creation of these heels, pieces, platforms and wedges.
  • In just a few steps you can design the elements by adjusting the desired shape at any time.
  • Creation of different types of machining toolpaths for soles, heels, top pieces moulds, etc. Automation for the creation of specific trajectories for heels. Automatic creation of top pieces moulds.Export of machining toolpaths for any CNC machine tool.