Icad Pie 3D Feet Scanner

1 1 129x300 129x300 1
The foot digitizer is the new and innovative scanner that offers a fast and precise digitalization of the foot. Thanks to its advanced vision system, it allows to work without noise and in an open environment. It’s more important characteristics are:

  • Easy foot positioning, the scanner process is always visible.
  • Fast and precise digitalization system that ensures a true foot reconstruction.
  • Lightweight and reduced size for and easy transport and installation.
  • Plug&Play (Pnp) device using USB port, compatible with any computer with Windows operating system.

Technical Specifications

External dimensions422x416x735 mm.
Scanned volume140x160x400 mm.
Weight18 kg.
Precision1 mm.
Complete scan18 s.
Power supply100-240 Vac.
Power consumption150 W.

2 2 300x272 300x272 1Integration with INESCOP CAD systems and compatible with most commonly used formats ,

  • To add shoe last, compatible with IcadFOR system for last customization.,
  • Noise filtering and reconstruction of cloud points (from the INESCOP digitizer or using standard cloud points files, like ASC). )
  • Virtual feet analysis and measurement (from the INESCOP digitizer or from geometry files, like STL.


3 2 300x189 1Full measurement of the foot and analysis and detailed report of measurements;

  • Automatic computing of the 33 most representative measures of the foot,
  • Tools for manual measurement of the foot (perimeters, lengths, widths, angles, etc.
  • Full analysis of the foot (foot-print profile, characteristics planes, etc.)
  • Geometry and curves export to different file formats (IGS, STL, FMS o PLN).
    Generation of detailed report with foot automatic and manual measures.

4 2 214x300 214x300 1 Customization

  • Compatible with the design and manufacturing shoe last software, IcadFOR.
  • Foot and last measures comparison.
  • Last customization to get a better fit with the digitized foot.