Icad 3D/2D Design and Pattern Making Software

Oriented to the creation of virtual prototypes, or transfer manual sketches to a 3D virtual environment, with great detail, quality and realism. Integrates a render module that provides hyperrealism to the created models.

Oriented to obtain 2D patterns with millimeter precision from 3D lasts. The designs can be drawn directly in a 3D last and get a perfect 2D flattening. Includes software for calculating ICad3d + Costing consumptions.

Software to calculate the consumption of material in real time from 2D pieces. The precise 2D / 3D connection allows you to modify any line and update consumption instantly.


  • The most complete version that integrates the rest of the versions.
  • Design, create and modify footwear models, and their patterns, parallel and simultaneously in 3D or 2D with absolute reliability and precision.
  • Perform flattening of any last, including boots and booties, with total accuracy.
  • Modify with a simple “click” the flattening, avoiding the repetition of the processes that should be carried out if these modifications were made manually.
  • Perform flattening of any last, including boots and booties, with total accuracy.
  • Customize and obtain images with a hyperrealistic appearance as a photograph taken from real footwear models.
  • Export the patterns of the models to any cutting machine, without any additional adaptation and without ever losing the correlation between 3D and 2D.
  • Recalculate consumption without re-flattening. In this way, you can modify the parts of the models to get the best possible use.
  • Grade shoe sizes in a completely customizable way and in a single “click”.
  • Create fully customizable technical sheets to the productive process of your company, integrating any type of information, photographs and even 3D objects.
  • Work in a simple and intuitive environment, very easy to use, in which any modification automatically recalculates both the 3D and 2D environment.
  • Along with our costing features, you easly determine the costs of your product.

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