Icad Pan 3D Anatomic Insole Design Software

IcadPAN is used in podology sector and ıts duty is that the program design customized insole. Moreover, for each patient you can make personalized solutions.


IcadPAN can generate automatically an insole from:

  • Foot measures.
  • The foot size of the patient using a standard insole.
  • The digitalization of:
    • Foot
    • Foot print
    • Foam print


Arrenge easily several insole  parameters to make  it suitable for the needs of the patient.:

  • Inside and outside length, heel and metatarsals width, arch height,…
  • Thickness, heel cup, heel raise, wedges, inverted orthotic, bottom curvature,…
  • Full, ¾ and rigid insoles.



You have at your disposal several additions like:

  • Unloadings (Drop, point, metatarsal)
  • Metatarsal Additions (Bar, pad, dome, custom,…)
  • Inside wedges (Heel skive)
  • Engrave text
  • Completely customizable in position, rotation, size,…


4 1 300x189 1Database and precise edition of design curves

  • For patients database and insoles history.
  • Standard insoles database to use as starting point.
  • With program you can edit line very easy. Other option you can modify internal curve and counter curve.



  • When is used a simple form, machine’s features and tools to use are identified into the system.
  • The software allows to define differents kinds of paths, calculating automatically all the parameters and you can see all result on screen.
  • We can manage the manufacturing of multiple insoles in the same block.
  • Multiple sided insoles machining.

The produced paths can be exported  into a machine file to progress with the machining by CNC.